Que devrais-je faire si la lumière DSL est éteinte?

When your DSL light is off or blinking, the modem is not receiving a signal from our Central Office.

There are a lot of reasons for this to happen, the modem could have been affected by a power surge, construction works outside or in your building, a rabbit bit through the telephone cable, etc.

In at least 75% of all "No Synchronization" reports, the problem is local, therefore, we have come up with a quick diagnosis guide to help you troubleshoot at home.

-Rule number one is always to restart your equipment first (regardless of the issue you are having) by powering the modem off, waiting a few minutes (put the rabbit back in its cage), and powering the modem back on.

-Rule number two is to verify the wiring: check all the cables at the back of the modem, especially the telephone cable plugged in to either the DSL, Line or WAN port. Make sure to unplug this cable on both sides and plug it back in, you could also change the cable if you want to be sure, or if you see the cable is in a bad state.

-Rule number three is to check for any visual damage or anomalies. This means check if there are any filters/splitters plugged in front of the modem or check to see if the telephone plug has visible damage. If you have an oldschool telephone line such as a Bell homephone, you may want to unplug all the phones, splitters, filters, fax machines, alarm systems, etc. and try the modem on its own.

-Rule number four is to call us if any of the above steps are unclear or have failed to be succesful.

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